Split & share asset expenses Allocate even or uneven shares/splits

Discover the effortless way to manage shared assets.

Calculated Split

From multiple asset holders with variable shares to an even split—get a clear view of each contribution.

Graph denoting the concept of calculated split.

Share Allocation

Allocate an unlimited number of share holders with any number of share percentage.

Mimic denoting the concept of share allocations.

Cost Tracking

Track your shared asset expenses/bills per calendar yea.

graph denoting the concept of cost tracking

Simple and Easy to Use

  • Divide between all shareholders, a few or just one.
  • Default bill split amounts are based on share percentage.
  • Have multiple assets with different share holders.

What's the balance?

  • We calculate the balance sheet for you.
  • A running total on the dashboard gives an indication on who pays next.
  • How much per year does your shared asset cost you?

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